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How do you pick a good daycare?  I am having twins in December, and although it breaks my heart, I have to go back to work after they are born.  I live in the O'Fallon, MO area so if anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Hello!  M attends The Goddard School in St. Peters.  It is located on Mexico Rd, right at Salt Lick.  So just down the street from FZS in O'Fallon.  Out of all the places I went I felt like it was the most individualized attention, extremely clean, and very secure.  M really seems to like it and gets excited when she sees the teachers every day (which is a little heartbreaking).  I'd say decide what is most important to you first, so for me it was center (not in home), securtiy, cleanliness, individual attention, and ciriculum.  I preferred it to be close to home, but on the way to work, etc.  You will probably want to start pricing and visiting soon.  These places have waiting lists and you won't want to go visit when you are further along.  All that tiredness from 1st tri comes back unfortunately!  Good luck!
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  • I defintiely recommend looking soon.  After working in day care for over 8 years I know infant waiting lists really fill up (sometimes 6 months in advance).  I have never been to the Goddard school in St. Peters, but I know there is one also at Winghaven.  I suggest looking into Goddard.  
    After moving from Chicago, I was disappointed in the number of quality child care centers, so I opted to stay at home with my child.  I have worked at Goddard though and the franchises attention to detail is very important to them.  They also have their own "Quality Assurance" program through their headquarters that checks up on each center.  The curriculum was also one of my favorites out of all the places I worked at.
     Ask lots of questions : how long have the teachers been there, education of teachers, ratios of child to teacher, sick policies, etc.  If you have any questions you can message me.... I have helped a lot my friends pick child care for I know what to look for.  Good Luck!
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