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When DS was born, some of the paper work I filled out included authorization to have his immunization records tracked in the ImmTrac immunization registry.  We signed up for it.

I was wondering if anyone else was asked about it when they had DC. Also, from the healthcare provider perspective, I was wondering if any of our resident medical gals have used it to retrieve immunization info on a patient.

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  • We signed up for ImmuTrac too. They sent us a letter around 1 1/2 months reminding us it was time to get his 2 mo. vaccines. I didn't see a reason not to sign up for it at the time - it seems like a good and easy way to keep track of when he gets vaccines and what he gets, just in case I misplace my records or something.
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  • As an ER nurse I have no knowledge of how to access ImmTrac, but in general it isn't of much use to us. We only ask if your kid is fully vaccinated through their age or they aren't - either cuz you're choosing an alternate schedule or you're somehow ignorant infants need to see a doctor after the day they're born. Yes, there are those people despite hospitals best efforts at maternity discharge.

    Anyway, the reason it doesn't matter "much" is because most of what we see is common everyday illnesses or minor injury. Neither is a concern for immunizations except for tetnus but all you have to tell the doctor is "they're current through their 2 year shots" and our doctors have the schedule at hand and know if little Tommy needs a tetnus booster for having run one of his widdle fingers through the opening of a paper shredder ... hey, it happens.  Once in a blue moon we'll get a measles or rubella in a selectively immunized child. Chicken pox is still common too but we've seen it in kids who have had the shots for that so who knows.

    As far as needing reminders, every time I leave the pedi they say "Next visit will be at X months and then she'll get XYZ" and we schedule the next visit before we leave. I feel like reminders are more for clinic based patients who maybe don't recieve the same one-on-one "same doctor most everytime" care that many of us have the priviledge of with our pediatricians.

    I don't think it's a bad service or idea, just not one I personally feel the need to have. Life or death situation at work, your child's immunization status won't mean a damn thing! That they're allergic to peanuts or latex might be something you'd want to tell us =)

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  • we signed up for it too.
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  • I work part time at the community centers for Seton and we use it all the time.  We mainly use it because lots of our patients change doctors before getting to our clinics.  It helps us look up what they have gotten if the parent has forgotten the immunization card or has lost it. On the system we put all the information about the vaccine, including flu shots.  I don't see anything wrong with signing up or not, there are not real huge advantages or disadvantages.  It is nice to have just as a back up. 
  • MrsAJLMrsAJL member

    Thanks for your input, everyone!  I was asking because someone I'm close to who works with that program was asking me if I knew other moms who were familiar with ImmTrac. I'm a proponent of it and think it's extremely beneficial.


  • MrsAJLMrsAJL member

    I don't think it's a bad service or idea, just not one I personally feel the need to have. Life or death situation at work, your child's immunization status won't mean a damn thing! That they're allergic to peanuts or latex might be something you'd want to tell us =)

    From the perspective of the ED, you're right. It would be far more helpful to know if your patient was allergic to certain meds, or foods, or latex. :)  Do you know if there is a push to electronically centralize medical records?

    Howecer ImmTrac is really designed for tracking who is getting vaccinated. As a benefit, this information being centrally maintained is available to authorized stakeholders, i.e. hospitals, physicians, schools, etc.  The idea behind the system is to get a snap shot at any one point in time about the overall vaccination levels of children in Texas. Additionally, TXDSHS is hoping to expand reporting in ImmTrac to all vaccines, and not just to CDC recommended or state mandated vaccines.

  • Immtrac is very useful because it can be used by the schools to see if the children need vaccines. Also it can save your child from having to have shots unnecessarily. Say your child receives shots at a clinic you do not usually go to. Then you lose the record and you have no proof they received the shots. The doctor's office can get on immtrac and hopefully the clinic you went to participates in Immtrac. My sole purpose in signing up the clinic I work in is to get percentages of vaccinated children higher than it was reported. I know more children are up to date than is being reported because we have alot of new children coming to our clinic and they are not in the system. Also it you move around in the satae of Texas your records are available state wide so your children will not need more shots as you move.Fell free to ask me questions
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