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Random and semi-baby related vent.

I'm so bummed and just need to vent. Dh is a commercial airline pilot and has a very different work week compared to most husbands. This month he works Friday - Monday and is home T, W, and Th. 

A very very good friend of mine is getting married next weekend in Ft. Worth. My mom agreed a long time ago that she would watch E over the weekend while we went to the wedding. It would be our first weekend away. Anyway, Dh has to work :( And there isn't much hope of getting out of it... someone has to fly those planes! And switching schedules just isn't as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of "red tape" to deal with.

SO- next weekend I'll be driving by myself to DFW... I'll attend the bridesmaid luncheon and rehearsal dinner Friday & Friday night. The bride-to-be and I became good friends after college so I really won't know anyone.  Saturday is the wedding.... again, I won't know many people. I think I'm a super social and fun person.... but it's hard to go to weddings by yourself. Plus, I lurve me some cocktails... but I'll be driving... so I can't drink much. (I'm staying with friends but they're not going to the wedding.)

I know I need to turn my attitude around... but right now, I almost don't feel like going. But I couldn't miss it...


That said, since it is so much work for me to leave Elise (still BFing so I'll have to pump), I am toying with the idea of skipping the Friday events (bridesmaid luncheon and rehearsal dinner.) The luncheon will be fun I'm sure but I really won't know anyone at the rehearsal dinner... (fwiw, I'm part of the house party, not a bridesmaid.) WDYT? Is that awful of me? The bride-to-be is such a good friend and such a sweetie... ugggg. 


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Re: Random and semi-baby related vent.

  • Knowing how social you are, it's a tough call!!  Babies sure do through a kink into plans sometimes don't they??  If you are still planning on driving up Friday, I'd try and go to the events anyway.  You don't get many chances to socialize w/out little E.  But I think if you decide to skip the dinner and luncheon and just go to the wedding, your friend will most likely understand.  Babies can also be a great excuse.  :)
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  • Sigh... what a bummer.  Personally, I would skip the Friday stuff IF your friend wouldn't be stuck paying for your plate if you don't show (I know a lot of places make you give a hard head count the week before).  I feel super guilty if I make people spend extra money.  But 3 events is a lot when you don't know anyone!
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  • Ughh.. I know how going to events by yourself can be. I get stuck doing it alot!

    I'd skip the Friday events and do something special for yourself. 

  • I hate doing stuff without DH...before we got married...I was OK with it...but now...yuck!  I would probably skip the Friday stuff...your friend will understand...there is so much going on during that time, it will not be a big deal!  I always worry and overthink stuff like this...and in the end...it all works out.  I say, do something special for YOU....massage, pedi....shopping....
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