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Where do you get those cute little outfits that Elise wears? (like what she's wearing in your last blog video). They're kinda like onesies, but cuter and seem more comfy for her.?

I need to buy a baby gift for someone and want to get one of these for her. Thanks!?

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  • Sarah has that particular outfit as well. ?We got it from Target, but I can't remember the brand (Circo maybe?).
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  • :) I'm so happy to hear you think her outfits are cute!!!!!! I have figured out what I like and don't like... I love babies in onesies, BUT since we CD, they sometimes look weird. So I really like her in what I call "bubbles."

    The one she's wearing in the video (and in 7 m pics) is by (go figure) Carter's. They were on Sale at Macy's, 2 for $5!!!!! They are also on sale at the Carter's store, 2 $7. They come in a pack of two.

    Baby Gap also has some cute bubbles... I just refuse to spend a lot of $$ (more than 1 $ sign, haha) on Elise's clothes. 

    ETA- I'm not a huge "Carter's" fan.. I like their PJs but that's about it. I hate they they put stupid sayings on all their outfits- "Precious" Daddy's Princess" blah blah... so I try to buy the plainer things. 

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  • Ummm...was there any doubt that your daughter would be dressed in super cute outfits???

    Thanks for the info. I can't believe I'd never seen them when I've been in baby stores before. They just look so comfortable!?

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