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Peds in Silver Spring?

Anyone have any recommendations?

We are probably going to visit these two practices (both off 29):

-Primary Pediatrics (Musgrove Rd.)

-Children's Pediatrians (Lockwood Dr.)

So if you have any feedback about those in particular, it would be super, super helpful!


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Re: Peds in Silver Spring?

  • We go to Montgomery Pediatrics Associates on Blueridge in Wheaton...  their facilities are not great.  But, they've been in business there for like 40 or 50 years.  And, all their physicians have been great.

    One thing I'll say - I picked that practice b/c it's literally on our street, like a 1/2 mile away.  I'm SOOO glad I picked based on proximity to our house.  We had to go to the doc like 5 times in the first week we were home due to weight issues.  Also, it will be very convenient when she gets sick - they have walk-in sick visits every morning, and, it will be easy for us to get there.

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