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BF's of 6+ months?? cracked nipples, now?

I have been BF'ing DS for 8.5 months...and my nipples just got so cracked and sore as of this week!  It hurts to nurse/pump almost as bad as it did in the beginning.  I pump 3 times a day at work, I wonder if the pump is irritating my skin?


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Re: BF's of 6+ months?? cracked nipples, now?

  • I had the same problem when my son was about that age. I ended up pumping only for a few days since breastmilk was all the milk he received. I have no idea what caused the problem since he never had thrush and I did not. The thing that really worked for me was the breast pads that have lanolin already on them. Evenflo makes them and they really help. I used them with DS and also this time. I could not find them at first this time and I was in a more dire state. I was really sore from DD and as soon as I started using them the discomfort went away.

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  • Is DS cutting teeth or in some other way altering his latch?  DD is not that old but we had that problem about a month ago.  My supply tanked for a couple weeks and DD latched differently and sucked more forcefully to try to get the milk out.  When my supply improved her latch returned to normal or I just adjusted.
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