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Speaking of Husbands

Last night was Scott's first night back from a business trip in Austin all week. ?In the middle of the night K woke and started fussing. ?I laid there, motionless, half waiting to see if he'd go back to sleep and half expecting Scott to get up, and he did. ?Whew...I'm starting to drift back so sleep when I notice that he just walks over to the monitor and turns it up louder and crawls back in bed.

Luckily for his balls K went back to sleep shortly after ; ) I asked him this morning WTF that was all about. ?Like, did he think he was going to be all sneaky and make sure I heard him loud and clear on the monitor and pretend like he didn't hear a thing? ?He assured me this was not the case. ?I'm still skeptical : )?

Re: Speaking of Husbands

  • LOL - this totally seems like something my DH would do ... except he knows better than that  :)
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  • So... What did he claim to be doing? I would be super skeptical as well.

    Explain yourself Scott!!

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  • Sounds like my DH too.  Speaking of, have you seen the reply to the Evite he wrote?  I sent him one too just so he can't say i didn't remind him and he replied, lol.  Dude is crazy
  • This is freakin hilarious! Although, I.would.be.pissed! He does have some explaining to do!
  • I have the opposite problem with DH. He turns the monitor off and goes back to sleep.
  • That is crazy!!  Maybe he was sleep walking or something LOL!  The odd thing, though, is that he turned it up.  Wouldnt most sleepy heads think to turn it down or off? Boys just dont make sense sometimes.
  • He *claimed* that K was fussing off and on and it was hard for him to hear, so he wanted to turn it up to see if he stopped, which, I guess, I can understand. He totally got the side eye from me all morning though.
  • BoizmomBoizmom member
    Haha!  Totally something my DH would do and has done.  I've warned him though that now I am pregnant again HE has to get up with the 2 yo if he wakes up.  Thank goodness it's rare the 2yo wakes up...it's only if he's sick. Because I don't want to hear DH b*tching the next day about how tired he is...
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  • Sounds like my DH! 
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