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Nighttime diapers - only fitted + wool will do?

Does anything other than a fitted + wool work for nighttime for any other ladies?

I have been confused by my nighttime diapers. Some nights they work and other nights I have leaks. It's not a repelling issue; I know that much.

Blueberry pockets fit her perfectly during the day, but last night I changed her, fed her in bed, and moved her and she'd peed everwhere. I *guess* because she was at a funny angle it went out the side. Except that I have the diaper on the same setting during the day sometimes when I feed her and it never leaks like that.

Sometimes I use BG 3.0 stuffed in various ways. She was fine all night and then just before we got up, it seems like the pee went out of one upper corner in particular and leaked on the bed.

This is only a recent problem. Am I not stuffing properly? Is fitted + wool the only thing that works? Wool scares me because I don't understand how to care for it or "wash" it.

It mostly frustrating having to change her out of her pajamas at 4 am (which wakes her up) or having her wake up at 5:45 am because she's wet.

Re: Nighttime diapers - only fitted + wool will do?

  • Read this about wool:

    I was afraid to use wool, but it is so easy and wonderful. ?

  • I think that most of us just found that once our DCs hit a certain age, they peed too much at night for any pocket to be a viable option.  I have had tons of luck with the fitted and wool though.  Really, it's not any harder, and SO worth it in my opinion!
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  • I use a pocket with just 1 insert.  DD isn't a heavy wetter...yet.  Recently I've been adding a second insert just incase.  Hopefully this works for us for awhile.  Before I was introduced to the world of pockets she slept in a prefold and cover or a sposie.
  • My 21 month old super soaker sleeps in pockets without wet sheets. We have discovered the hemp love and also wear a fleece soaker or longies. My newest edition is wearing fitteds and wool and I find he is wet more often in those than when he wears his pockets... ?
  • I know for us pockets never worked...we need fitteds here.  But I"m also a firm believer in every kid is different.  Trial and error is the best bet but wool is amazing.
  • imagekelbrian:

    Read this about wool:

    I was afraid to use wool, but it is so easy and wonderful.  


  • tonight is our first try for fitted (B4) and a wool soaker. DS is a tummy sleeper, and i think the wool is going to leak due to compression, but i'm giving it a whirl. I put a sheetsaver under him just in case.
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    baby Mae
  • I'm going through the same thing...and just bought wool soakers and fitteds.  Haven't tried them yet though...
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