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When did 2 year olds get so rude!??!

I love her so much but sometimes.....ARGH!!!!

Re: When did 2 year olds get so rude!??!

  • Sarah's fav phrase right now is "Don't want to".....  I am sure Kya is a sweet little 2 year old. 
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  • Only out Julie! Only out...

    Her fav is "don't want to" or "no" or "why?"  But now she doesn't come to me when called.  She pulls her brothers hair...she puts the laundry basket over him and bangs it.  She screams so loudly and most of all she completely does the opposite of what I tell her to do. Test me I tell you...

    I guess this is typical huh?

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  • AHAHHAH but she is soo darn cute!!!
  • There is something spicy in the water for 2-year olds. Ridge is doing the same type of thing.  He can go from being so sweet to total tantrum in about 1/2 a second.  It started a few weeks ago.  I'm so worn out and I hear  it lasts for about a year.  Oh come August when Roo gets here things are going to be fun in our house.  At least I'll be able to have some wine at night to settle my nerves.



  • Goodness....I am so tired by her attitude it's not even funny.

    "Um...no" and "no way" are still a couple of her favorites. One of her girlfriends rolls her eyes at her mom (which is HILLARIOUS to watch, but not really).

    Ugh...so over it...and she's not even 2 yet.

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