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type 2 diabetics....

I am currently taking Advandamet (which is a combo pill of Avandia & Actos) and Metformin. ?I just found out today that I am pregnant but was told a while ago that I'd have to take insulin shots when this day finally arrived. ?

I am petrified at the idea of having to inject myself! Has anyone been in this situation? ?Were you able to stay on the pills or did you have to go to injections? ?How did you get over the fear?



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Re: type 2 diabetics....

  • Hi there, congrats on your pregnancy! I'm not a diabetic but my husband is a type one and both of my little guys (3.5 and 22 months) are being diagnosed as type ones now as well.

    I can tell you that it becomes a part of life (unfortunately, of course). Definitely get the shortest needles they have, I can't remember the length off the top of my head since my husband switched to a pump a year ago. However, with the really short extra fine needles it's really just like a little sting (kind of like when you do fingersticks to check your glucose).

    Do you have to switch to insulin because of the meds you are on? If your glycemic control is good with your current meds I can't imagine they would want you to switch to insulin, they could just switch your meds. Of course, it is true that women (even non diabetics) become more insulin resistant with pregnancy, that may be why as well.

    I hope that helps a little bit. Congrats again on the pregnancy and I wish you a H & H 9 months!!?


  • I do not have type 2, but I have had gestational diabetes 3 times, and was insulin-dependent twice. It really wasn't bad - the needle is very thin, and I really couldn't feel it - it was much less painful than the finger pricks. As I got bigger and it became more difficult to pinch my skin for it I could feel it a bit more, but I quickly figured out the best areas to find some flesh. Some women do control their GD with oral meds, so that may be an option, but after talking to my doctors and doing some research I was much more comfortable with insulin.

    Congratulations on the pregnancy, and good luck!

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  • Hi, I am actually a Type 2 and I have PCOS (polycystic ovaries).  I was taking 2000mg metformin for both, but I had stopped in December because we (hubby & I) had decided on no more babies and I was going to monitor my diabetes with diet.  I did fine, lost weight & got pregnant in March.  Dr now put me back on Metformin because of my chances of miscarring are higher while having PCOS and not controlling my blood sugar.  I started over at 500 mg 2 weeks ago and now I'm back up to 1000mg (500mg X2 daily)  and will eventually get back up to 2000mg.  Dr says it's fine and it's better for me and baby.  I think it does make my morning sickness worse, but I have to do this to be healthy.  I've never had to me on any other med for my diabetes.
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