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Baby fever

So, my DH and I decided to go off BC. We planned on starting to TTC beginning of June. Now I find myself so baby crazy that it is all I can think about. DOes anyone have any ideas for how to get a little patience? I'm even driving myself crazy. I have always wanted to be a mom, and now that the time to start trying is almost here, I'm so giddy I can hardly contain myself. Help!
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Re: Baby fever

  • I don't think you should try and get over it - enjoy the excitment, and I hope it happens quickly for you!!
  • You can "borrow" my kids for an afternoon...that might help with the baby fever a bit! LOL! Seriously though, enjoy it! For the most part the TTC journey is a very exciting one!
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  • Girl friend I hear you!! I feel the same way and honestly, being on these chat rooms doesn't really help our cause any! But we still come here, it's like torture!Smile
  • I'm with ya, Sista'. I've gone through 3 full cycles since being off BC and TTC. No dice yet. Stay giddy as long as you want! It's fun! The one thing I have learned to counsel myself on is when you see that NOT PREGNANT on the stick, remember to chill and that sooner or later it will say PREGNANT. Stressing over it innately tells your body to NOT get pregnant. Great advice, I know...guess I'm just saying, relax. Don't get TOO crazy about. Relaxed is good. :) HAVE FUN!!!!

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  • haha! ?i just had a baby in december and i have baby fever like crazy. ?we are ?going to try again in june and i cannot wait either!!! ?maybe we will be in 1st tri together :)

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