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How many IUIs before IVF?

I know everyone is different but how many IUIs did you try before you moved onto IVF? I have done 4 IUIs with clomid and am moving on to 1 or 2 with injectables. If that doesn't work we are looking at IVF. We are dealing with some borderline MFI.  I know my husband would like to do more IUIs but I'm leaning towards one more and then just moving on to IVF for better odds.

Re: How many IUIs before IVF?

  • i tried to have 1 but overstimmed and got converted to IVF. 

    it's a good thing though, b/c now we found out we are dealing with MFI too, so IVF is our best bet anyway.

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  • If our MFI wasn't as bad, we might have done 2-3 IUI's, but no more than that.  My husband and I think they would be a waste of time and money in our current position (5% chance of success with IUI, 60-65% with IVF).
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  • I have done 3 injectable IUI and moved on to IVF.  I went for a second opinion before moving to IVF just to make sure another RE would say the same thing.

    Good Luck!!

  • I have done 2 clomid IUI's and if this one doesnt work, I am moving onto injectables and will prob. do 2-3 of those before doign IVF (again)

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  • Info in Siggy but quickly 3iui w/clomid, 3iui w/injectables, and on 2nd IVF

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  • I always thought 3 oral med and 3 injectibles was often recommended if you responded well on each type, but it ended up being 8 total (different sperm situations as per my signature).  I really should have just moved onto IVF after 1 or 2 with my husband though in hindsight but you just never know.
  • We will be doing a max of 3 IUIs before moving on, per my Drs recommendation. Although if I decide to go straight to IVF, that is also an option.
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  • My RE said 3, but then he didn't want to "count" my first one since I needed PIO. I got pregnant on my 3rd one, so now I just feel like it can work, so want to do a few more. We went straight to injectibles. I now think #6 would be my last.
  • I know I am not typical, but after 3 clomid only cycles, I tried 1 IUI w/ injectibles (cancelled due to poor response) and am moving straight onto IVF, based on my drs recommendation.  We don't have MFI, but I'm almost 37, I have insurance, and want the best chance of having 2 kids before 40....I think I'm pushing it as is!  It was a tough decision, but I think I am doing the right thing for me.
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  • We did 2 with injectables and are now moving to IVF. I think it was fairly quick for us because A, I don't want to waste time on what I feel like isn't increasing my chances enough, and B, we are lucky enough to have insurance coverage. If we didn't have teh coverage, I am sure we would have tried a few more IUI's.
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  • I did 7 IUI's - 6 with Clomid and one drug free - I am also MFI - we did not move on to injectable IUI's for two reasons - one - since I have no known issues - I was afraid I would produce two many follies and my cycle would get canceled and two because injectable drugs are not covered under our insurance and I want to save the money for IVF.  We are saving now for IVF now and hope to move onto that by the fall.

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