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Drugs to increase milk production?

So I've been trying the blessed thistle and fenugreek and not had much luck.  I'm not sure if I'm not taking enough or what. 

I called my doctor and he offered to call in a Rx but both of the options he gave me (Reglan or Domperidone) have some major side effects!

Any ideas?

Re: Drugs to increase milk production?

  • I can't believe you posted this, because I JUST today purchased some domperidone on line. I had been thinking about this for ages and finally asked about it on the Breastfeeding board. Turns out that several nesties had a good experience with an online pharmacy so I decided to take the plunge and purchase it. I'm more than a bit nervous about ordering something online like this.

    I had asked my OB about it and she had said she had used it herself many years ago (she is a MoM too) but that she couldn't prescribe it for me because the FDA doesn't approve it for lactation. That's great your doctor can write a prescription! Everything I've read indicates that domperidone actually has very few side effects and is considered extremely safe (as opposed to Reglan, which does have more se's.) 


  • I take Dom and have had no side effects at all (aside from increased hunger). The MAJOR side effect with Reglan is there is a strong link to depression with long term use. The only documented side effect with Dom is when it it used through an IV, not orally. I have seen a drastic difference in my milk production once I started the Dom. If you have any questions, you can email me at jennmaron at att dot net.


    GOod luck!!!!

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  • I took Domperidone and had NO side effects.  I would not take Reglan because a very common side effect is depression...I already have mild depression and wouldnt want to make it worse.
  • I also took Dom with zero problems.
  • I took Reglan and I did have depression as a result.  It lasted well after I stopped BFing and off the Reglan.  I'd suggest trying the Dom.
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