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I feel like those women in the Midol commercial

When they are hunched over with their cramps!  It's only been 4 days since my d&c, and I thought after the first day the cramps would go away.  Instead, they have come back with a vengance :(  I think I did too much today - wandering aimlessly around Home Depot forever thinking about what to plant in the garden I am working on for my baby's memory, and then some more wandering around the grocery store.  Ugh - I wish this Tylenol would kick in...

Re: I feel like those women in the Midol commercial

  • Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't have a D&C, but I did have some very painful cramping with my natural M/C. My doc had given me Vicodin although I wish I had taken it before the cramping got really intense. Can you take anything stronger than Tylenol? My doc had said Ibuprofen might be enough. Oh and a heating pad worked wonders!!!!! I hope the cramping subsides soon!!!
  • The PP has a great idea, try maybe using a heating pad if you have one, or a hot towel for a few minutes (be careful though). Your body may just not be ready to be up and about right now for a long time. Try and relax a little more tomorrow when you start to feel the cramping come back. I hope you feel better soon.

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  • Me too, I had only had a little bit of spotting, but yesterday it just hit me. I am bleeding heavily now and having cramps. I think the garden is a great idea, we did the same thing. Just finished it today.
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