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I was waiting for some great discovery in the post below, but alas condoms it is. ?

The reason for this page, did you get in on the NEO GTG? ?I looked up London and apparently there are 2, one by Mansfield and one closer to Dayton. ?If you want to get the info and haven't already given MrsFrank your info, PM and I will get it to her. ?I think we have about 8 or so nesties that are trying for a GTG sometime soon.?

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Re: J+O

  • HAHA!?

    And thanks for the info, I'm actually the London between Dayton & Columbus. ?So it's probably out of the way if it's NEO, right?

  • I would think to far, however, there is one nestie talking about coming from Columbus. ?I wouldn't drive that far, but that's me. ?We are talking about the Canton area, which is a good 2 hour drive from Columbus.
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  • Yikes. ?Yeah sorry! ?I would love to come if you guys were closer.
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