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Does anyone watch the Bachelor?

I have not watched all season, but being on bed rest now...well, I decided to watch last week and the finale.  OMG...that guy is SUCH a jerk.  I just cannot believe it.  I found myself yelling at him...I know my blood pressure went up...I had to turn it off!! LOL


Just wanted to see if anyone else felt my rage...

Re: Does anyone watch the Bachelor?

  • It was pretty awful. I don't buy his "I am a single dad who is divorced, boo hoo" anymore. At first I thought he was so wonderful, but now after it all- leaving his kid twice, proposing to a girl and showing his son and then leaving her, I don't think so.

    Jerk. Big jerk. What goes around, comes around.

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  • I haven't watched the show since like, the second season, but with all the hoopla I read about it, I checked out the last few minutes last night. Gross. He seems to be a jerk, re-bound girl (Molly?) didn't do much to make a great image of herself, and the whole thing seems so sleezy. Dumping a "fiance" and making out on national tv with loser turned rebound soooo quickly? Ew. Being the once loser now rebound and making out with the jerk that just dumped "fiance?" Also ew. Apparently that was all 6 weeks ago though, and there's another after the rose show tonight for a new update.
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