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Ava is still cooking!

I went to my 38 week appointment yesterday and have made no progress.  She is still sitting up very high.  I know things can happen overnight and that I still have two weeks.  I am just really ready to stop working but I want to save all of my paid time off for when she finally arrives.  These feel like the longest 2-3 weeks of my life!  I can't wait to meet our little girl! 


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Re: Ava is still cooking!

  • Hang in there.  A lot of first time babies cook for 10 days past due.  Polly did!
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  • UGH the last few weeks leading up to my mat leave were PURE TORTURE!! I ended up going out at 38.5 weeks b/c I had 2 weeks of vacation time and 12 weeks mat leave. I HATED my job and it seemed like I was never going to have C and go on leave! Hang in there she will come out I promise and you will be so happy to have saved your time off.

    P.S. I love her name.

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  • Hang in there--you're almost finished with your PG. Hope you have a great weekend!
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  • Hey Elizabeth! Hang in there and try to enjoy these last 2 weeks ( I know easier said than done). Go out to eat, see movies, and sleep (if you can)!  You're almost there!!
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