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Just dropped a bundle!

I just spent the entire day shopping for maternity clothes since I am now starting to really show.....man did I helped support the economy today!!!!  It sure adds up fast!  DH would be shocked, good thing he did not ask the prices when I showed him the pieces I bought!  Wink

PSA: Japanese Weekend pants look awesome on and it feel like your wearing your favorite yoga pants!   I may live in them!


Re: Just dropped a bundle!

  • FYI...macy's has motherhood maternity clothing and you CAN return if you need to.  Plus, I used my 20% off coupon =)
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  • kepkep member

    Japanese Weekend pants are THE. BEST. MATERNITY. PANTS. EVER.


    I know people probably get sick of me saying that, but for real.

     Heck, I would wear them now if I could get away with it. hahaha

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