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Moving to Cleveland. Need OB/GYN and daycare!!

I'm moving to the cleveland area this summer and will have cleveland clinic insurance. Please recommend your OB/GYN. Also, do you have a daycare recommendation? Dh and I will be renting an apt for the first year and then buying, so we aren't sure exactly where we will be yet. May be in Brecksville at first and then move more to the east side later. Was looking at Beachwood too.

Re: Moving to Cleveland. Need OB/GYN and daycare!!

  • I am not sure what your insurance will cover, but my OB/GYN is in Akron (Breaksville is not that far if you don't mind driving), his name is Dr. Crane.

    Also, for daycare....The Goddard Schools are great schools!  

    *I am also a nanny*

    I hope that helped!

  • How much do nannies run?

    I have driven through Mantua a lot!

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  • Where are you moving to?  I work for the Cleve Clinic. 

  • My doc works out of the Cleveland Clinic and she is FANTASTIC.  Her name is Monica Svetz and she works out of the Independence location. 
  • My OB/GYN is Dr Ken Rao at Claveland Clinic in Beachwood.  It's off of 271, right by the Beachwood Mall, and easy to get to.  I saw someone at the main Cleveland Clinic downtown first and it was such a nightmare trying to get there.  Many people I work with recommended Dr Rao and I have been so happy with him.  My daughter was born over a year ago and it was a wonderful experience.  I think there is another Dr Rao at CC in Beachwood, so make sure you specify his first name. 

    Daycare has been more of a challenge.  I work in Lake County though, so that is where we've taken her.  She was in a home daycare first and it was not good.  I had a college girl come to the house after that and it worked out but she got a fulltime opportunity and left.  Now my daughter is at the Goddard School, but out in Lake County.  She seems to like it, but only goes 1.5 days a week. 

    I normally lurk on the Toddler 12-24 month board, so if you have any more questions, please page me there!  I am happy to help!


  • i see dr. benito alvarez at hillcrest in mayfield hts.  i recommend him.
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  • I live on the East side and my OB/GYN is Dr. Barry Peskin.  He is in the Beachwood Family Health Center of the Cleveland Clinic right next to Beachwood Place.  He is wonderful!  I cannot say enough positive things about him!  I would recommend him to anyone!!!


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  • i live near brecksville and my OB is dr. kimberly kraus (for oaktree women's health).  she has offices in middleburg hts, strongsville, and i guess they just opened one in brunswick as well (all on the west side).  the middleburg hts. office is actually at southwest general hospital (where you would deliver), and isn't very far from brecksville at all. 

    all of the docs in her practice are fantastic!

  • I have to agree with the other reader on Dr. Peskin, actually i think the whole practice is great too, Dr. ken Rao is in that one too. Depending on if you like a woman for ob/gyn there are a few in the practice! good luck!
  • So happy to see this post!  I am TTC #2, and looking for a new OB.  We are really close to Beachwood, and I love CC docs.  Thanks for the recs!
  • I live on the west side so I cannt be of help for an OB reference but for daycare I use culturalcare aupair agency. It is cheaper than daycare and live  in. the price is 300 per week it is great. please email and I can give you details my emial is [email protected]
  • Hi! I live in Beachwood... Had a baby boy 7 weeks ago. ?I have an excellent OBGYN and her whole group is excellent! ?She is affiliated with University Hospitals. ?Dr. Laura David. ?Her office is literally 2 minutes away from my house but the office is actually located in South Euclid off of Green Road. ?Let me know if you need any more of her contact info.

    ?She's a doctor that is so good, all the Drs and Drs wives go to see her. ?Sorry I don't have any day care advice.?


  • I have an awesome doctor too who is affiliated with the cleveland clinic and delivers at Hillcrest Hospital. his office is located at 90 and 91 in Lake county  (willoughby hills).  His name is Jonathan Emery and I found him when I hated my old doctor- and needed to have surgery while pregnant. Dr Emery is great. I don't have any advice on daycare. I have an in home care lined up but have not yet needed to use it.
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  • I work for KinderCare in Richfield and all of our parents love it! We are open 6:30-6:00 and we offer discounts for families that work for the Cleveland Clinic. You should stop by and take a tour! Ask for Brandi Bowers (our center director) and I will see what other discounts I can get you!
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