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Nana's Bottoms CLOSING!


She's closing Feb. 8 b/c of than darn new law. On a positive note, she's running a 25% off sale until then.?

I'm tempted to buy for the future, but I'm worried they might not fit as he grows and his body type may change...hmm....?

Re: Nana's Bottoms CLOSING!

  • NOOO! That sucks. I thought most diaper makers weren't going to  be affected b/c of the exclusion of natural materials? Or am I just crazy? I guess PUL isn't a natural material.

    ACK. One week to decide whether or not to stock up.

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    This is what I get when I ask for a smile now.

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  • Hmm..she must have just posted that today - I just ordered some liners from them yesterday and there wasn't anything listed about closing that I saw.


    So what NB diapers do you have -- maybe I'll try some of those since they're on sale, now's a good time.?

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  • I have her AIOs - 6 with snaps & bamboo velour inner, 1 with touchtape & monkey suedecloth inner

    They are my fav AIOs and basically the only AIOs we have...LOVE LOVE LOVE them!?

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