Bummer Update

Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and crossed fingers. Unfortunately, they didn't terminate reunification services at the hearing on Tuesday. BMs attorney contested it because she hasnt talked to her...HELLO, SHE HAS HAD SEVEN AND A HALF MONTHS TO TALK TO HER!!!

Anyway, another 30 day wait before our 120 day date before our 90 day wait. Will give you an update when I have one...

Happy Turkey Weekend!

Re: Bummer Update

  • I would like to kick that lawyer in the nuts...I am so sorry...Hopefully it will come soon.

    Have a good evening



  • UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I agree with BurkeJax..................cyber kicking right NOW!!!  Hang in there....and keep in touch.
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  • Oh Kristin!  I'm so sorry for the delay.  Given what I've seen in various friends divorce custody battles, this is a common and overused stalling tactic.  Stay strong!  In time, the courts will surely do what is in your daughters' best interest.

    In the meantime, cherish every moment, and try not to let the legalities of the issue keep you from relishing your time with your little ones.  If you ever need to talk, you know where to find me.

  • Ugh - that is so frustrating
  • Wow! I'm so sorry. Hope that it is nothing more than a temporary set back. I agree with PP that eventually the courts will do what is in your daughter's best interest.

    Hang in there!


  • Argh!  How frustrating!  I don't know anything about the legal part - but I am frustrated for you!!  HUGS!
  • ugh, I am frustrated for you.  That just is so, ugh. 

     That is one of the frustrating parts of adoption - all the crap you have to deal with - when it should be something simple.  I'm sorry!

  • I'm sorry you have to deal with that tactic :-(
  • How freaking ANNOYING!  I'm sorry you are getting delayed, yet again!  Definitely keep us updated on the progress.
  • Ugh is right!  I too am annoyed for you!!!!  How long is this lawyer going to wait around to hear from her?  Sending you a hug or a tini....whatever you need at this time.  ;)
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