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Reflux meds question

We were giving DS 15mg prevacid solutabs for reflux.  But, since we were having such a hard time getting it down him that the pedi switched him to Axid instead (since we can give it via nipple).  This week, we stopped the prevacid and started the Axid.  Since then, DS has been crying ALOT and seems in pain.  I know it takes some times for the Axid to start working but it is so hard to see DS in pain.  Can I give the prevacid + Axid for a week until the Axid starts working?

Also, how do I know if the Axid is causing side effects like abdominal pain, gas, etc.? 


Re: Reflux meds question

  • I don't know for sure - you might try calling a nurse hotline to see what they say.   

    It sounds like even the little bit of prevacid your DS was getting was helping.  Maybe you could try giving the prevacid first and if he doesn't get that much than give him the Axid.    

    I hope that helps.  Good luck!

  • I'd check with a pharmacist about mixing the two drugs.

    FYI: Our prevacid is in a suspension so it can also go in a nipple or syringe.


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