so I guess I need to figure out some things I need

The little girl we have been matched with is 4.  I have boys and no real idea about what 4 year old gilr need or like.  Can someone offer some suggestions?  I can help anyone with little boys, I am a pro with them



Re: so I guess I need to figure out some things I need

  • Congrats on your match! I don't have kids yet but my niece just turned four and she was loving her new barbies. Her and her 5 year old sis are really into dora, anything with princesses, barbies and make believe :-)

    I think she even got a princess barbie nightgown and they both love clothes in their fave color (pink and purple).

  • I would sick to the simple and girly...this will be fun for you and a treat for her. Bubble bath, slippers, robe and night gowns. Cute girl underwear is also fun. Ribbons for hair and her own brush/comb, preferably in pink Wink Perhaps even a trip for a pedicure!

    Dora is a big hit, although 4 is just on the cusp of being too old for the videos. Polly Pocket is big, and as pp said, Barbie.  Disney princesses and all of the associated movies on DVD...shiny patent leather shoes, tights and a pretty holiday dress.

    None of these are practical, just stuff I know would make a little girl feel good when she is in a new place.

    GL and can't wait to hear all the fun stories!!

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  • Congrats!  Little girls love pajamas (pink or purple!), stuffed animals, Disney Princess stuff.  My niece is really into animals right now--dolphins, dogs, etc.  Also lots of books.

     Happy Shopping!

  • Congratulations on the match!! Its such a fun age!  Our foster daughter turned 4 when she was with us. I had a blast with her.

    She loved Disney princesses, Dora, and Strawberry Shortcake. Her favorite toys were a tea set, baby dolls, and their accessories - stroller, bathtub, etc. She LOVED helping me around the house and helping me cook. e.g. making instant pudding all by herself, dusting, sweeping with child size broom. She also loved tasks that made her feel independent. She would feed the dog, set the table, separate silverware from the dishwasher (I would set the tray on the table for her to put them in), wipe the table, etc. She would spend hours "washing" her tea set in her toy bathtub.

    Ditto pajamas! They also love anything sparkly. 

  • Congrats on your match!

     My niece is 4 when I asked her today what she wanted for Christmas it was  all about Barbie. She has moved from princess stuff to Barbie. I also asked what Santa was bringing and it was Barbie again..LOL  She  also loves loves loves  nightgowns she thinks they are the best thing. Hope that helps. 



  • I don't have any suggestions, I just wanted to say congrats on your match!!
  • I don't have any suggestions either, but wanted to congratulate you on your match!
  • Congratulations on your match!  Do you know her sizes?

    Initially I would stick with things that are very soft and comforting.  A nice doll with a soft body, teddy bear, or some sort of soft plush animal.  Slippers, pj, the velour track suits are very popular, along with skirts and sweaters. Barettes, bows, ribbons, are also very popular.


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  • I'm late to the party, and not the best at age-appropriate suggestions, but I'd like to congratulate you on your match.  You must be so excited!  Have fun, I'm sure you'll do great!
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