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Ok forgive me but I am fixin to ask a stupid question

or maybe not stupid but I don't really know what the consensus is on it. 

I think FF will give me crosshairs tomorrow so I'll be in the 2ww.  I don't drink too many cokes (or actually in my case I prefer Mello Yellow), it's kinda like maybe one or two a week.  But should I just completely nix them in the 2ww?  

Re: Ok forgive me but I am fixin to ask a stupid question

  • it's not a stupid question - one or two caffeinated drinks does not exceed the 300 mg recommended intake, however there was a study correlated caffeine and miscarriage done.  (it basically said don't drink more than 300 mg/day)... But since I had had a previous miscarriage, I completely cut out caffeine in its entirety in the first trimester because I was completely paranoid.
  • Ok I just looked at the Mellow Yellow can and it has 51 mg a can.  But still I could cut out caffeine because I have had to do it before.  I'll have a couple of headaches because of it but they pass :)  I've just been wondering about that so Lord knows I want to do anything that could help you know?
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  • absolutely... like I said - one or two cans a week is really not going to affect anything... and if you get a headache without it, i'd rather have the caffeine
  • I wouldn't cut them out completely.  A coke has about 35-40mg, which is far from the recommended amount!  I agree it's better to have that little bit of caffeine instead of a headache.
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  • Not a stupid question at all!  I think all the pp's have covered your answer though!  Everything in moderation.  I realized after I found out I was PG that I had a martini when I was PG..   She doesn't seem to damaged from it : )
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