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I feel so bad for my parents

I just talked to my mom.  Her and my dad have been wanting us all to go on a family vacation (that they are paying for) but my brother and sister in law are being very difficult on the matter.  My mom was wanting to take advantage of the great Disney deal that is going on this spring and during our spring break (me, brother and sis in law are all teachers) go to Disney World.  My niece is 3 and a half and loves Mickey! 

Well my brother just bluntly tells my mom they want to go alone and do their family thing.  Well normally that isn't a big deal BUT 2 things.  1.  They always say things like that any time my parents have an idea and 2.  They have told my parents that several times before and then we find our my sister in laws parents, and siblings went with them which means they just straight out lie to my parents.  

It just hurts me to see my parents hurt like that.  I don't know why my brother and sister in law refuse to let my parents be granparents....they always dash their hopes.  

This just makes me look forward to being a parent more.  I know my children will have awesome grandparents.  And you know what...I say my brother can stuff it.  But really though...I have told Wes that I bet that when our kids come along my brother and SIL will say that my parents favor my kids....and boy is that going to set me off...I'll be like um hell no you never allowed them to be grandparents to Macy so don't go acting like you are the victims here.  


Re: I feel so bad for my parents

  • If it was my brother I would so call him out on it. How about we pretend that we are your fam so that we can go to dw?Smile
  • Well I kinda have called them out on their behavior before...last week when they gave my mom grief over Christmas Eve...and you know what my sister in law had the nerve to say to me?  When I have children I'll feel the same way...whatever!  I want my kids to enjoy their grandparents...after all my parents have done for me there is no way I'd keep my kids from them. 

    Yeah ya'll just pretend to be my sisters and my parents will take us all to DW :)  That would be fun!

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