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so sad

One of my favorite little gift shops burned last night. I really feel sorry for them since Xmas is their biggest time of year and w/ the economy so bad. Plus-I was looking forward to doing a little shopping there this week :(

Re: so sad

  • Oh no!!!! I hate that! When I was younger my dads business suffered from a was devastating..especially at that time of year. I can't imagine dealing with that in this economy. Hopefully they will be back on their feet soon!
  • oh no! what store is it?
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  • It's The Picture Shoe in Fairhope. They had yummy smelling candles, the Lori Mitchell figurines that I collect, and a lot of other cute stuff.
  • How crazy and sad!  Was it in downtown Fairhope?  I remember a place down there where I bought some of the best candles, but can't remember the name of it....
  • It was it downtown. My mom said that it may not be quite as bad as they first thought, but everything definitely has smoke damage. It had the BEST smelling candles. I was sure that they prob just left a candle burning, but mom said it was electrical.
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