What stage are you in?

I thought it would be a neat idea for us to all check in once in a while, and update our status in the process.  That way, we can all sort of keep track of each other, and offer support through those long waiting periods.

I tried to come up with all the stages I could, for as many of the different types of adoption of which I could think.  If I missed any that should be added, just let me know.

 Also, do most of you use "gottcha day" to mean the day you meet your child, are granted custody, or finalize the adoption?  I've always thought of it as custody, and that's how I included it in the poll.  If there's a consensus another way, let me know, and I'll change it.


Re: What stage are you in?

  • Ah, I just realized that the results are anonymous, so there goes my idea of knowing where we all stand!  Oh well, it'll be interesting to know that stats anyway.
  • I voted, but to share...


    We have completed the orietation for our training that is required by Fl. for anyone to foster/adopt. We start class in January.

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  • In our unique situation, we had placement and baby in arms before we even knew we would ever consider anything - let alone foster or adoption. We did it in reverse, and have just completed paperwork and are waiting final approval of home study based on FBI background checks (and mother's hearing to terminate services to reunify is today!!!).

    I know this seems so easy, and what a dream come true, but it it what it is. I believe these are the things in life that happen and you dont really have a choice. As they say, God works in mysterious ways.

    I can't imagine my life without Reagan, and we look forward to finalize the adoption in Junish. She is ours now, but we are waiting for finalize before we do her dedication/baptism at our church and have a big party to celebrate.

  • I voted for homestudy, but we're doing the homestudy and education at the same time.  We just started so we'll be in that category for a little bit now.

  • Wow, most of us are still researching. That surprises me, it's actually kind of comforting too though. Anyway, we have attended some seminars and have one more agency to meet with next week and we will then make our decision. I think we have the agency picked but we wanted to be sure to look into all options before getting too ahead of ourselves. I'm hoping to apply in January. Great survey btw.
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  • We have put in all of paperwork and now we are waiting for our homestudy.



  • None of the above; he's home with us!
  • I voted researching, but we have actually selected our agency and submitted our initial paperwork and are waiting for our first interview with the agency in December. 
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  • Most of you already know, but I'm waiting for immigration approval.

    Carpe, do none of the final choices fit you?  Is there a category I'm missing?

  • I think this is a great idea Smile

    We are working on the homestudy. We are done with the education and paperwork. Our SW is coming a week from Wed for the actual home study. Big Smile

    I always think of gotcha day as the day that the adoption is finalized and that's when we'll hopefully have a mini gotcha day celebration. It makes sense for it also to be placement day.

  • I like this poll.  We're awaiting immigration approval and dossier translation - we don't live in the states and our order is a bit different.

    As far as your 'gotcha day' question, my DH and I were just talking about that the other day.  For us, we'll be in country for about 2 months and we're going to be given custody by the orphanage on a set day but then have follow-up meetings a week later and then legal stuff and then a meeting with a judge and then etc etc etc so there are many points to be noted and celebrated.  For us, we've decided to mark and celebrate the moment the child is put in our arms as our 'gotcha day' even though the legal stuff won't be done by then, because from that point we are that child's parents and he or she won't be taken away (God willing)....just our choice though, others may feel differently

  • We're waiting to be matched.  We started in Jan '08, but our agency had a wait list that we were on until July.  Did our home study in July & August, and then a fire destroyed our agency (and all our paperwork.)  We regrouped after that delay, and our home study was done in late September. 

    So we haven't been waiting very long.  Yet, I am starting to get antsy!  Fun to see where you all are.  Time goes really fast . . . feel like we were just starting!


  • we are done with our part of everything.  We are just waiting for the agency to finalize the homestudy.  We sent our profile to our SW who offered to look at it for us before we could submit to the agency.   So I guess we are waiting to be waiting.  Smile
  • We're almost done with the home study. Just waiting for our profile to be printed.  The caseworker emailed us to say she is approving us! 


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  • I think we are in between stages right now LOL.  We had our homestudy on Sunday.  The social worker said it will take 2 weeks for it to be written up, which would be on Dec 7th.  After its written up and reviewed, etc., then it is sent to our agency.  Our agency only needs a homestudy report to give a referral SO then I'll be waiting for a referral :)  I can't believe it!  I hear my agency works fast with referrals so I should expect one before Christmas.  However, I'm not getting my hopes up just yet!
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    None of the above; he's home with us!


    Yep, we've BTDT all now as we've finalized, birth certificate is on it's way, etc.

  • Good Poll as we approach Thanksgiving. We adopted our beautiful daughter in 2003 from China. I'm ashamed to admit that it took us a while to finalize all the paperwork once we were home (a few years).

     For us Gotcha Day is the day we first held her. Having adopted from China, our adoption was finalized in China and she technically became a US Citizen the moment we landed on American soil. For some reason, our day in court in China (Adoption Day) had so much less of an impact on us than Gotcha Day. One was a day to celebrate our new family, the other was more of a legal process. An important one, but a legality nevertheless.

    Happy Thanksgiving to All! 



  • Hubby and I are wrapping up our homestudy paperwork and should be starting the interviews either next month or January (depending on the holiday schedule). Then, I guess it's just on to the waiting part after that.


  • We are considered "logged in" for a Chinese adoption. Our paperwork was initiated in September of 2006 and dossier completed, translated, and approved by the Chinese government in April of 2007. If things continue the way they are right now we MIGHT see a referral in 2010! Whew! I know the wait is worth it!


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