Just need to vent!

So totally annoyed!  We had class tonight.  For the past few sessions, I have asked our trainer if he could check to see if our paperwork was received in the main office.  He has been really busy training so he has not been in the main office and therefore could not check.
The paperwork was given to my neighbor (works for children's svc) about a month ago and she was going to forward it to the main office.  This was suposed to speed up the process.
Since we have not gotten a call from a resoruce worker, I was concerned that the paperwork never made it to the main office.
Well, I found out tonight why we have not received a call.  Our neighbor "lost" the paperwork and it was not until our trainer asked about it was the paperwork located.
Apparently, it was found under several stacks of paperwork on my neighbor's desk.  OMG, so frustrated.
Really annoying, especially since I have spoken to my neighbor several times and told her I still have not gotten a call.  She always responded, "hmm, that is weird".
Plus, I do not know if all the paperwork was found, or just parts.  When we filled out the paperwork, we completed more than the usual person fills out in the begining.  A lot of times, you will fill out one set and then when that is returned, you get more, etc etc.
I did keep copies of most of the documents, mainly the ones that would take forever to duplicate.
This is when it is NOT good to know someone.  I am really losing confidence in my neighbor - first it took a month to get the apps, and now it took a month to get the apps to the main office.  But, I feel bad going behind her back.
If I knew this would be a problem, I would never have given it to her.  I could have sent it myself.  I will not let this happen again.  All documents will be forwarded by me directly.  This way I can control when everything is received.
So, UGH is the best way to express how I feel right now.
My trainer told me he personally saw that his supervisor has possession of the paperwork.  And since this week is a holiday, I am sure I will not be contacted this week.  I am giving it until the 1st week of Dec.  If I do not hear by them, I will call myself.  That is basically gives them a little over a week.
Totally frustrated

Re: Just need to vent!

  • ugh!  That is totally frustrating and since your neighbor was doing you a "favor" you can't really say anything to her about it.  Sorry you got so delayed, but hopefully they will get it straightened out quickly and get you cruising right along. 

    Out of curiosity, how long does the paperwork/ training part of the foster/adopt program take?  Is it quicker then a private adoption (we are just waiting for our paperwork to be finalized and we started filling out forms about mid August)

  • Well, it depends on what timeline you are looking at.  Yes, the timeline to receive a child in your home may be much shorter than "traditional" adoption.  It really depends on so many variables.

    But, in general, (from what I have been told) is that it can take about 2-6 months to become licensed at which point you are eligible to get calls about placements. yeah, I know - big range

    The classes are 8 sessions of 3 hours each.  My county does them 2X a week for 4 weeks.  But, only offer them 3-4 times a year.

    We could have had some of the other stuff happen at the same time.  Things like home inspection, background checks, fingerprints, etc could have been done before, during, or after classes.  It really depends on when your app was submitted.  If you submitted the apps during a class, you will have to wait a while before you could even attend class.  This would of course increase your timeline

    So, I guess if you are like me and submit the apps right before class, it is possible that the timeline would be closer to the 2 month timeline.

    Once you are licensed, you can get calls starting the same day.  But, that does not mean that you actually will get calls.  Everyone has their "requirements" and it is possible that a child will need a home that does not fit your requirements, so they would not call.

    Anyway - the timeline for actual adoption of a fost/adopt child can take YEARS to become final.  Again, so many many variables.  We were told that from time of placement to adoption (in a perfect world with a perfect system), it could take 2 -2.5 yrs for the finalization of adoption.  Of course, during those years, the child would be living in your home.

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  • that's a shame a month has been wasted!


    TTCgrad - i think it depends on the state/agency. we turned in our application May 23rd, we had all of our fingerprints, background checks, TB/drug tests done, first home visit all done by time our classes started on June 2 (2007), we have1 month of classes (Tues and Thurs for 3 hours, Saturdays for 9 hours). Because we're a theraputic foster home, we had to have 40 hours, not including the CPR/First Aid class. we were done with classes on June 23rd, had our final homestudy (4 hours long) and then licensed on July 23rd. we are apart of one of the best agencies in Texas. it's private and only works with 40 foster parent homes.

  • T is totally right, it does vary from state to state.  My state offers the 30 hour training course stretched out over 10 weeks with one 3 hour class per week.  They estimate completion of paperwork and fingerprinting to take an additional 6 weeks on top of that at a minimum.  And there could be a wait to get into the class.
  • Ugh!!! How frustrating!! I hope that from here on out your process goes much more smoothly!!!!  Hang in there!
  • May I go smack the neighbor for you?? :::Smack Smack:::

    Sorry to hear they have caused the delay. Good thing it has moved on and you can go around her now. 


    We have to take a 30 hr class. Starts in January. Yippie!!!

  • I'm sorry and I feel your pain, we just got through a long delay by our SW.  My brother says delays are a lot harder 'when you have a face to be mad at' rather than just 'the system' and I totally agree.  As everyone else has said, I truly hope you have smoother sailing now
  • UGH is right!!!  I think if it was me I would go behind her at this point!  I am sorry this has happened!
  • I'm so sorry this happened to you.  I will never understand why some people offer to help if they aren't inclined to actually follow through and do so.

    In your case, please do not worry about "going behind her back."  This is your family you are building, and you have no obligations to anyone outside your home when it comes to your choices or methods for doing so.  She should be begging you for forgiveness for the delay caused by her carelessness and lack of responsibility; you should not have to worry one bit about damaging her feelings in this situation.

  • Man! That's terrible. Did your neighbor ever own up and say sorry and that the delay was her fault? Or is she just acting like she doesn't know what happened.

    I think it is a wise decision to just have the paperwork and stuff sent directly to you, that way you can avoid that problem in the future. Anyone would understand you wanting to do that. You shouldn't feel bad at all. I wouldn't. Now, she should.

    I hope everything works out and they were able to find all of the forms and you don't end up having to go back and redo anything.




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