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Zachary Jacob is here!

Zachary Jacob Ziemkowski is here!!! We started with an induction and hoped he would drop. After 12 awful, awful hours on pitocin, with irregular contractions and still no dropping (or dilating), they decided to do the c-section. The c-section was tough. I will write more about it later when I finish the birth story. Unfortunately I lost a LOT of blood during the surgery and ended up needing a transfusion. That was done yesterday and I do feel better. Zachary is a little jaundiced and had to be put under the lights. As long as all is well with him, we should be able to go home today.

Stats- born on November 21st at 8:15pm. He weighed 9lb 6oz at birth and measured 21 inches! Here are some pics.


Zachary's birth


Kissing my little boy

He's beautiful.


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