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What kind of stroller do you have? We're looking to get a double Jogger...

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  • I don't have one yet but my friend has a sit and stand one that I've been admiring.
  • I think we are doing the sit and stand aswell. we saw it the other day and it was so lite!!!
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  • We were going to go with the sit 'n stand until we test drove it.  I highly recommend going to a store where they have a lot to choose from and trying them out.  We did this at Baby Love and we're so glad we did (we did it before Kate was born, we just used one of their carseats in the strollers to see how it would be).

    Noah doesn't like sitting in strollers, he almost always walks, which is why we thought the SNS would be perfect.  The carseat even locked in like a travel system or snap 'n go.  Well once the baby outgrows it the seat doesn't recline enough for a nap, and at that age they are still napping in the stroller.  The jumpseat isn't comfortable at all, could never be used for a nap, and it's almost non existent when the front seat is reclined at all.  I wanted to be sure Noah could sit if he needed to or if I made him (he is 2 after all). 

    We ended up getting a Graco DuoGlider.  It works really well for us.  We only use it at the mall or when we're on long walks.  Noah really likes to sit in it (sure that will wear off) and when we've been out at nap time he's even slept in it.  Now, he'll only sit in the back, which is where the carseat is supposed to go, but it also clips onto the front so it works out.  Most times we use our old travel system or a loaner snap 'n go and Noah walks but I only do that when I know he wouldn't need a stroller (like a restaurant or playground).  So far so good.  We figure we'll invest in a double Maclaren umbrella stroller if he's still using the other once Kate can sit up on her own (since both sides fully recline and it's an awesome stroller).  We think though that Noah will be totally over strollers (he'll be 3) and we can just use his Maclaren Techno XT for Kate.  Fingers crossed! 

    Sorry for the novel!

  • I am NOT a mom of two, but Erin was telling me that she purchased the sit and stand and didn't like it. Maybe you could page her and get some insider info. GL
  • We went with the Phil & Ted's. Its worked out really well for us so far. My oldest is 3 but he acually still prefers to be in a stroller when we are out. It is not techincally a jogger though so not sure if that helps :)



  • is this jogger going to be your primary stroller or is it going to be only for outside/jogging?   This means a lot, believe it or not.   Very few actual double joggers can fit thorough a standard doorway.   The  BOB for instance, can fit thorough most any doorway...but the INSTEP can't.  Im not sure if the Schwinn can fit through doors, but I'm assuming not since the INSTEP is made by Schwinn.    We bought a double jogger shortly after we moved up here because the streets are much bumpier and going into DC it's gravel and whatnot, and you need something for more of an all terrain atmosphere.    I decided not to spend too much money, since I wasn't using it for actual jogging....and the girls would probably only want to sit it in reguarly for another year or so.   If I had bought it from birth, I would have went with a BOB.   It's like the Cadillac of double joggers.    I didn't need that now, though. 


    Make sure you find one that swivels if that's what you want.   Real joggers front wheel doesn't swivel, it's for runners, but if you're going to do walking it it, you want the front wheel to swivel or else, at every corner, you have to lift the strollers front to turn.   It sounds worse than it is....  


    This is the stroller we have, I found it on Ebay for less than $200...

    I have it in brown/blue/orange.   It's served us well...but  a great mall stroller, because we don't fit through all doorways.   For the zoo and parks and outside and if you have a second person with  you to to open up the other doors at malls, then it's okay there.


    Hey, Dawn, I miss you:-)   Just an FYI on the Macclaren Double...  the handlebars are separate, so you can't turn or push the stroller on handed...just a warning if you go that route.   IT's a beautiful stroller, but that was a huge drawback for me!   xoxo


  • We are registering for the Sit and Stand. The only way we will know if it works for us is when both of them are in the stroller. Gaby doesn't take naps during the day anymore but I'm a stroller lover and like her in her stroller when we are out. I was looking at the stroller Dawn has- but Gaby was too tall for it so we shall see.
  • I've looked at the Phil & Ted's several times.  So far I figure we'll wait till the kid gets here and then decide what to do.  I plan to use a sling/wrap thing a lot with the new one, since that worked well with the first, and that means we'll only need the single stroller for Cedric (if at all) for a while. 

    I met one mom in the park who loved her maclaren double.  Another had the sit and stand and said it was okay but that she felt like she had to walk as if she was still pregnant since the older kid is right between the legs as you walk (according to her).


  • I have nothing to offer, but I was just looking at your siggy pic and realized that Tommy looks even more like your hubby than Ty, if that is even possible.  He is like a mini replica of Chris!
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