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Who is frying turkey for Thanksgiving?

YUM!!!! ?The family always gets together at my dad's house for Thanksgiving and we have done fried turkey for about 10 years now. ?I am so hoping this baby stays put until after Thursday so I can fill up on it! ?I already warned everyone that they better bring me a plate if I am in the hospital - there is no way I am missing out on Thanksgiving dinner!

Anyone have smoked turkey? ?That sounds really good too!?

Re: Who is frying turkey for Thanksgiving?

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    I have no idea what we're having to be honest....but whatever we eat will be eating it twice! Once at DH's house and then at mine later that day. Oy vey, holidays!
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    Nope, but I've been dying to try one!

    Feel ya on the double Thanksgiving, K.  We're doing it too!  I told my MIL/mom next year there will be one TG!  

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