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Ergo baby in SA?

Does anyone know of a place that sells the Ergo Baby locally? I was hoping to buy one before we leave for Thanksgiving, and I didn't think far enough in advance to buy online.


I thought this would be up Eden's Baby's alley but its not on their site :( 

Re: Ergo baby in SA?

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    On the ERGObaby website, the only retailer they list in San Antonio is Whole Earth Provision Co (looks like it is in Quarry Market). ?I don't know what products they stock, but it is worth a call!

    Whole Earth Provision Co
    255 East Basse Bldg B
    San Antonio, TX. 78209

    Telephone:210 829-8888

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    Thank you! I don't know why I didn't check for retailers on their site. They have them in stock :) I am off to get one!
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