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Daycares in Coral Springs

Anyone know of any good daycares in the Coral Springs area? I'm trying to figure out my options for when I have Max and I work in Coral Springs, so something on my way to work would be ideal.


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Re: Daycares in Coral Springs

  • I don't have any recs, sorry, since I don't live up that way, but I was curious.  Are you planning to have Max at a different place than Alex?  Can Alex's school take infants?  I am due in March and am planning on having the new kid be at the same place as Cedric.  I don't relish the thought of two dropoffs and pickups each day, which is the main reason why I'm planning to do it this way. 


  • I dont drop off or pick up Alex from daycare, his daycare is the building behind my husbands job, so I was trying to see if I take Max to school and my husband take Alex. So far, were leaning more towards me just staying home with the both of them.
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  • Aha.  Thanks for indulging my curiosity!  That's great that your husband takes Alex now.  Since Cedric's daycare has been next to my job, I've been doing all the drop offs and pick ups for him and I would not want to do two.  But you won't have to, so yay for that! 

    Again, I have no helpful info for you, but I like both of your ideas, though!  


  • Mario goes two days a week for half a day so i can get a lil me if u want to know where..."in CORAL SPRINGS"
    Nicole MOM 2 MARIO & NICOLAS
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