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Anyone use Penn Fertility?

We've been with Abington Reproductive since March. ?Have gone through 2 failed IUI's & attempted an IVF cycle. ?Having had 2 miscarriages, we opted to do PGD testing & it was a good choice because all 7 of our embryos were either lacking or had too many chromosomes. ?So they told us our best chance to have a baby was donor eggs. ?Problem though is that the current RE doesn't offer any sort of financial assistance, so we had to look elsewhere. ?Penn offers the ARC fertility program & is about $4,000.00 less than other places I've looked into. ?We have an appointment on the 4th & I was looking for people's experience with them. ?Thanks in advance.
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Re: Anyone use Penn Fertility?

  • I was at Northern Fertility. I'm not sure if they offer assistance, but they have the highest success number in the area.
  • I've been using them over this past year and have conceived twice -- 1st IVF ended in miscarriage and 2nd IVF far so good, fingers and toes crossed.  I went to the offices at Pennsylvania Hospital.  Far less of a factory feeling than 3701 Market, but fewer docs at that location.  But it's a newer practice so I think you can get in there more easily.  I used Scott Edwards, who is about the nicest man ever.  A tad socially awkward but still so genuinely nice and responsive that it more than makes up for it. He takes the time to answer all of your questions, each and every time.  Didn't care for Dr. Kalra, the other doc there, at all.

    Overall,  Penn has worked out pretty well.  Seems a bit chaotic and less well coordinated than it should be at 3701 Market, but I trust the skill of the doctors.  Dealing with the residents for ultrasounds and such was a mixed bag.  And they've been pretty good at working with my insurance, though I think with any clinic you need to keep an eye on that.  Good luck - hope this helps!

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  • I went to the office at 3701 Market St. after being diagnosed with PCOS.  I chose Penn Fertility based on reputation.  I was not impressed with their bediside manner - felt like I was one of many and they were not quick to return phone calls.  Fortunately, I conceived with clomid alone.  Penn will not be my first choice for future pregnancies.  I have heard good things about Drexel.  
  • We did and had a wonderful experience with Dr. Samantha Pfiefer. We usually saw her out of the Radnor office. I have PCOS and after a few rounds of Clomid and one miscarriage we are finally expecting this spring! We had a scary experience when I was 7 weeks pregnant and thought we lost the baby...but the doc on call got back to us asap and was amazing and saw us the next morning...on Labor Day no less! I would highly recommend them....good luck with everything!
  • I actually participated in a study at Penn Fertility and paid just for my meds while there. I did see Dr. Kalra and loved my nurse Brenda. It's a very emotional journey and I think it's important to try and if you are uncomfortable move on. I started at Chestnut Hill (awful) then Jefferson (waste of time). The thing about Penn is that they are one of the top research hospitals in the region so they are on top of the latest.

    I had 2 unsucsessful IUI's and 1 ivf. I also have 13 embies in embie storage there until the next round. 

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