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Pregnant after 35

Mt. Vesuvius

Holy breakout, Batman!!!  This pg has been breakout city (and nothing with DD so I was quite unprepared).  This one zit looks like it could burst any moment and take out the whole floor.  I wonder if bursting of a super zit is covered in our disaster recovery plan....

DD -- 5YO
DS -- 3YO

Re: Mt. Vesuvius

  • I was the same way in the 1st and 2nd my face is all scarred. it sucks.
  • Bummer, but I'm in the opposite boat.

    My face has been clear since my 2 months of clomid before the month I got pg, which means since January.  These 11 months have been the first time I haven't had a face full of zits (some very nasty)  since I was 15, so 23 years.  I almost dread not being pg again. Hopefully it will stay clear while I BF?

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