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Holiday traditions

What holiday traditions do you have for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and/or New years?? Is there anything that you specifically started doing once you became a mommy??? I really want to start a tradition for each holiday!!!
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Re: Holiday traditions

  • we use to, for noche buena (christmas eve) open one gift and then wait until everyone was up the next morning and all open our gifts together....over the years this changed into opening all our gifts xmas eve because my mom is super inpatient all of a sudden lol but i always liked that
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  • We have a ton of traditions, but one that we started since Charlotte was born was to wait for christmas decorations.  I used to buy the christmas tree around thanksgiving and have it until January 7th.  However, Charlie was born on December 13th, and i really want to give her a special time of year that is all about her.  So now we don't do any christmas talk or decor until the 14th of December, and this year she seems to understand, at least a little, that we are waiting until after her birthday.
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  • mady is still too young for traditions but these are our plans:

    thxgiving day - watch the parade and making home-made cookies  

    day after thxgiving - putting up xmas tree/lights

    month of december - she gets to pick one tree ornament for the year. this yr obviously i chose it (baby's 1st xmas)  

    christmas day - watching a xmas movie while opening gifts



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  • Growing up - we had many family traditions.  For some reason - Thanksgiving was our big family tradition.  Everyone would get together for this day.  The night before, all the women would be up seasoning the turkey, pernil, making the salads...getting as much as possible beforehand.  Wake up early - throw the kitchen in the the football.  We would wind up eating dinner at 3pm...veg again around 7pm and then go to the movies. 

    THe weekend before Christmas - the women would get together to make pasteles (my favorite are de yuca).  We celebrate Noche Buena with typical Puerto Rican meal...arroz con gandules, pernil, pasteles, coquito, y arroz con dulce.  We sing and  At midnight - we open Christmas gift from each other.  In the morning - we open gifts from Santa.  Every year we purchased a new ornament for the tree.

    I'd like to continue these traditions but maybe add a few new ones!

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