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Local siggy badge code (and Spurs blinky)!!!!

?imageOkay, here is the badge I made up that links back to this board when you click on it?(see my siggy to see how it works). ?Use the same way as the new Bump badges. ?Cut and paste the whole code into the signature area of your profile BUT REMOVE THE 2 RED ASTERICKS![*url="https://tinyurl.com/6ggs36"][*img]https://i35.tinypic.com/fawxs5.gif[/img][/url]Maybe when I go on maternity leave I can work on a smaller one (for those of us that already have too much in our siggy).?Oh, and for expecting Spurs fans... here is a blinky I made last season:imageAnd here is the code for your siggy REMOVE THE ASTERICK:[*img]https://i36.tinypic.com/2ex5xs5.gif[/img]

Re: Local siggy badge code (and Spurs blinky)!!!!

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