i was reading about your daycare problem. have you looked into grants for daycare or if you can apply for scholarships? i know that some of our foster parents have said they get free daycare for foster children. Something to look into!

Re: Lorita!

  • Hi!

     Yes we have, and the SW's have been working on that.  Unfortunately, it's taking longer than they would like.  The current foster parents are 75 years old and have said that it's just too much for them right now.  We want to take custody as soon as possible, but can't until the $$ issue is worked out.  I'm supposed to have something in the mail today that will allow the childcare provider to direct bill the county.  We'll see if I get that.  That's been the hardest part for us, is getting all that set up!

     Thanks again for your info!  Take care!

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