Hurry Up and Wait...rant

I know most of you feel that pain. It is all hurry up and wait. BMs hearing is next week to suspend "services" of reunification. She has been promising for 2 months that she will call the SW and get papers signed. SW just told me today she hasn't heard from her at all. This only makes adoption paperwork move slower and this point DD will be at least 14-16 months old when we are done - and that is only if there isn't one single delay after today.

Just feeling bummed and wishing, hoping, praying that BM will get OFF HER ARSE and do something besides waste her life. Such a thin line between love and hate...I love her for giving me a chance at motherhood but hate that everything has to be so filled with drama.

Re: Hurry Up and Wait...rant

  • You must be so frustrated!  I am sorry this is dragging for you, and that BM is delaying it through her own non-actions.  Want me to pick her up and drive her to the SW to sign the papers?  Big Smile  I'm betting your weather is warmer then ours, so it's like a little vacation for me! 
  • That would be AWESOME, but I would actually need to know WHERE SHE IS FIRST. She moves every few weeks and her cell phone only works sporadically, so...
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  • that just means a longer vacation... I can live my dream of being a private eye and track her down for you!  I just need theme music and I'll be all set Geeked (my disguise!)
  • Hugs girly!  I too would be equally frustrated!  I say you take TTCGrad up on her offer.  ;)
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