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Middle name for Lindsay??

We're trying to think of some middle names to go with Lindsay.  I'd be interested in hearing your suggestions.  Our last name is one syllable beginning with the letter S.  We've narrowed our girl names down to a couple but are stuck on the middle names.   Maybe something a little less common like Marie, Anne, Grace, Elizabeth, etc.


Re: Middle name for Lindsay??

  • I friend of mine is Lindsay Rae and her last name is a one syllable name.
  • i was going to say Grace
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  • Lindsay Alaina, Lindsay Gabriella, Lindsay Amelia, Lindsay MacKenzie, Lindsay Sierra

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  • Ann, Kate, Nicole
  • My sister is named Lindsey and her middle name is Kaye.
  • my sister's name is lindsay kay...i think that's cute.

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  • I really like Marie. That sounds nice! : )
  • I was obsessed with Elise for a middle name before I found out I was having another boy.  I think it goes well with Lindsay.

  • Do you mean a little less common UNlike Marie, etc? 'Cause those are all pretty common. I think there's a lot of opportunity with Lindsay:

    Lindsay Renee

    Lindsay Corinne

    Lindsay Danae

    Lindsay Paige

  • My name is Lindsey Beth.  Of course, I'm from the South and I went by a double name until college - everyone in my hometown still calls me Lindsey Beth.

    I know a Lindsey Brooke and a Lindsey Nicole.

  • My name is Lindsay Patrice
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