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Peeing in the Bath

Last night Willem peed in the bath twice.  The first time we scooped him out, washed everything down, and re-drew the bath.  The second...we just kept on going.  Most of the pee squirted out onto the stovetop anyway.

Does this make us bad parents? 

Re: Peeing in the Bath

  • *giggle* nope, not bad parents... thankfully pee is sterile, so its not doing any harm in the bath. :) DD pees in the bath all the time (or on DH when he gets her naked to bring her into the bath) lol
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  • Nope, not bad parents.  I was going to say the same as melsie- that at least it's sterile!  Ben pees pretty much at every bath it seems... Smile
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  • Nope.!Poor Harrison peed all over his face the other night when DH was changing him. Poor guy.

    I am just waiting for Harrison to take a big dump in the tub. 

  • LOL!  No, not bad parents... Smile  I'm more concerned about your stovetop!  Hee hee!

    A friend gave us a baby tub that allows water to flow throughout the bath.  She's a germaphob like me & has a son just a few months older than DD & has the same tub.  She understands how skeevy pee/poo in a tub would make me.  I feel guilty for wasting so much water, but that's one of my only really bad habits.

  • Jenna does almost everytime but only at the very beginning so now we just put her in it with only water and wait for 10 seconds so that if she pees we take her out and start over and if not then we add the soap stuff.  I am sure there are times when I have missed it since you really have to be looking for the couple seconds she pees but now we figured out that its at the beginning.  I guess that warm water gets them going :)
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  • Nope.  The warm water does get them going. :)

    Just wait until the poop in the tub happens.  We laughed so hard because we could only think of that dumb scene from maybe Caddyshack where someone throws a candy bar in the pool and widespread panic abounds.

    Much love, Jill

  • I think my house is covered in pee and old breastmilk and spit up and poop and I don't even care. I think the moms that obsess over keeping everything spotless at the expense of spending time with their kids are the ones with issues. A little pee never hurt anyone :)
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