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Ideas for a goodie bag for a new mom..

Hi ladies...

My BFF just had a baby and I want to put a nice bag of things together for her...any suggestions? 

-She loves Chai Tea, so I got her some mix...

What was nice to have after you came home?  What can I put together for her??

Re: Ideas for a goodie bag for a new mom..

  • I'm not there yet, but I think chocoloate and some lotions would be great. Sounds like you are on your way to a wonderful pampering gift!

    Maybe cook her a meal or casserole to go along with it?

  • Maybe a "gourmet" soup--something that "usually" goes in a holiday food basket--easy to make (even for DH's, or others), usually pretty healthy, yummy.

    And try to fit a full time nanny in that goodie bag.  :)  Much love, and really good to see you.  Hope you are well, and congrats to your friend on new baby!  Jill

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  • Any snack food that was easy to eat (quick and with one hand) and bonus if it was healthy - granola bars, trailmix type stuff, crackers, chips, chocolate :) etc.




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  • If she lives near you, it might be nice to offer to bring her lunch or dinner and then help clean up.  I know that for me it was great to have that help.  I hate having dirty dishes in the sink and cleaning the kitchen was the last thing I had time to do at that point.

    Other than that, I agree with the healthy, easy to eat snacks!

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