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A few questions for SAL moms

1. Does anyone have the Dekor diaper pail? We liked it at first b/c the bags are biodegradable, but I have been reading that these bags do not do a good job with odor. Anyone have any experience?

2. Is anyone using Nature Babycare diapers? Do they work well?

3. Can you recommend your organic crib sheets? Anyone have these from BRU?

4. Is the Vera Bradley diaper bag a good choice?

Thanks so much for the input!!!

Re: A few questions for SAL moms

  • i have the dekor pail - so far so good. :)
  • I can only answer #3: we have organic crib sheets from GAP Baby Home and really like them.
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  • I haven't had a problem with the diaper dekor. In fact I think it does an excellent job of controlling odors. Sometimes when I open the trap door to dump a diaper, it reeks!?

    I have the PBK ultimate diaper bag & so far I love it!

    The other questions I can't help you with. HTH?

  • Have you asked on the ecofriendly board too??
  • I love our Diaper Dekor!
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  • i just wanted to comment on the Dekor diaper pail... i don't know why people get excited about biodegradable bags... it's going in a landfill, and the diapers inside aren't biodegradable, and by the time it gets there and is sealed up, nothing will make it biodegrade... so its just a marketing ploy... unless you plan on burring them in the back yard or composting them, it doesn't make any difference.

    just my $0.02 

    we have the diaper champ, love it! 

    I'm proud of you for looking into EF alternatives and solutions for things you will need tho... :) its a lot more than a lot of people do. 

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  • Yes, I did post on EF but I barely got any responses. Thanks for any feedback you do is immensely helpful. :)

  • We use cloth diapers w/a wet bag in a regular trash bin 99% of the time & use 7th Gen diapers on the go & overnight.  With those, we've had no problems at all.  I've heard that Nature Babycare diapers are fine except they don't hold blowouts very well.

    We got our organic sheets from BRU & they seem fine (though I don't have much to compare them to).

    Don't know about the bag.  I use a Skip Hop & love it.


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