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Umbilical cord falling off question

I saw berty's post so I guess the time frame isn't too far off for Andrew's to have fallen off.


It was drying and small pieces have been breaking off. Tonight it was only partially attached. When I picked him up, it got caught on my shirt and literally stuck there.

And FWIW, we threw it away too.  The hospital gave me the cord clamp in case I wanted to keep it.  I haven't thrown that away yet.  I'm having trouble with the idea of putting even that in the scrapbook.

I'm worried it came off too soon. It didn't bleed but it's open pretty wide and a little gooey inside.

We go to the pedi on Thursday but I'd like some reassurance that it's okay.

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Re: Umbilical cord falling off question

  • Avery's was a little gooey inside too.  Keep cleaning his belly button and he'll be fine :)

    And we threw ours away...saving it...eew!

  • Yep threw Harrison's away. The thought of scrapbooking that grossed me out.

    Harrison's belly button was kinda gooey when it first fell of. It kinda freaked me out at first, but yeah just keep cleaning it and it will be fine.

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  • Ok, thanks!  I had a paranoid thought of alcohol poisoning if I kept cleaning it.  LOL 
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  • Willem's cord stump fell off 5 days after coming home and was fully healed by week 2.  We too were worried that it happened too early, but the pedi said it was fine.  And his belly button is normal and cute as can be now.  So yeah, just keep cleaning it and watching for infection. 
  • Call your pedi just to be sure. Blake's was kind of tugged off, too, by a piece of clothing. It was gooey and started to smell like stinky garbage. So I took him to the pedi and they used silver nitrate to cauterize it.

    And I have saved the umbilical stumps from all my kids, each in their own little ziplock baggie! Gross? Sure. But I just couldn't throw them out. Blake's is missing somewhere, though. I set it on my nightstand when it detached, and it must have gotten knocked off. Double gross, I know.

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  • I just wanted to congratulate you on Andrew, I don't think I've had a chance to yet. He is so beautiful, and I'm so happy for you!!
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  • DD's fell off and was gooey too... she actually got a scab on her button after the cord fell off (pedi said it was fine, and to treat it just like the cord was still there). That took about 3-5 more days before it came off completely and then she was all healed :)
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