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no more umbilical cord

Her umbilical cord stump fell off tonight.  I cried because it already feels like she's growing up too fast and time is going by too quickly.  I can't believe it's already been 2 weeks.  Crying

I think I may be in the midst of another hormone swing!

Re: no more umbilical cord

  • can i ask a REALLY stupid question?  what do you do with it when it falls off?
  • Ummm...I saved Little Man's umbilical cord stump.  I know that probably sounds gross, but I can't help myself.

    Berty--I cried when DS's fell off, too.


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  • My baby's just fell off, too, and I thought the same thing! I have no idea where it went either.
  • two words: trash can...

    it is the first monumental developmental milestone... very sad... they really do grow up so fast... ((hugs)) 

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  • Despite how sentimental I feel about this, we threw it away.  DH suggested dicing it up and sauteeing it with garlic and butter, but we decided against that.  I just didn't see a long-term benefit in keeping it.

    Plus, it was kind of gross...  I guess it's the figurative loss of the umbilical cord that makes me sad.  The literal umbilical cord was a little bit nasty!

  • thanks.  i kind of figured that was the answer, but it's one of those "no one tells you unless you ask" concepts.

  • I felt the same way when Aidan lost his! I was so sad when he turned 1 week old because it meant he wasn't just a few days old anymore!
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  • I also cried when Ben & Kate's fell off, thankfully they both lost their umbilical cords on the same day.  I felt a little guilty about throwing them out but it grossed me out keep them.


  • I get a little sad about all of that stuff.  We threw hers away too, but a little part of me did want to keep it.

    I keep trying to bargain w/Evie & tell her to just stay tiny.  She's not really on board though.

    I cried a lot the day we packed up all of her newborn sized clothes.  Be prepared.


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