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i can't wait to meet allison, too! ?i definitely think we need to have a g2g! ?we are going to ny (upstate) to visit dan's family on 12/26 but i'd love to still find time to g2g (not sure exactly when we're coming back yet). ?maybe we could even do it a lunch thing. ?when do you go back to work? ?do you know when katie goes back? ?hmmm, thinking aloud here...but if we did a lunch thing, kim and lisa couldn't come. ?:(

Re: *berty*

  • I have no idea when Katie is going back to work, but I'm not going back until after Christmas break (January 5th to be exact Sad)  But, even then, I'm only working part-time for the rest of the school year.  I can do lunches whenever!  Maybe we could meet at Twelve Oaks some time to eat and maybe even do some Christmas shopping before things get crazy  (end of November/beginning of December??)

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