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2 month well baby visit tomorrow

I have so many questions for the pedi. I'm also so nervous about how meredith is going to react to the vaccines. That is if he even gives them to her. She's still not feeling her best, but has no fever.?

Re: 2 month well baby visit tomorrow

  • andrew's 2 month appt is friday - i have lots of questions also...
  • i hope it goes well. i'll be thinking of you guys...?i have lots of questions at finnegan's 2 month well visit, too. ?i wish finnegan came with a manual!

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  • Good luck!  The vaccines sucked.  Be strong, mama!
  • Good luck.  I know I barraged the good pedi we had in Central Am. with questions in the worst Spanglish ever (I was not up to speed at the time).  Everyone still came out fine. 

    They will probably do the vaccines, as long as she has no fever. Try not to worry too much about the vaccines.  After living in a place with non-vaccinated children, I can honestly say they are worth the risk.  And I am a very complementary medicine person (nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture etc).

    Let us know how it goes.  :)  Much love, Jill 

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