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for the past 3 hours...

Conner has eaten once per hour for the past 3 hours. He's not even nursing that long...only like 8 minutes.

Re: for the past 3 hours...

  • boy, i dont much miss those days!  the worst was trying to get him to gain some weight and being told to nurse every 2 hours no matter how long he nursed - and he was going over an hour most times!  it just about killed me (and i didnt really follow like i was supposed to, just went 2 hours from when he stopped.)  dont worry, it will get better.  promise!
  • so is this what you were all referring to called "cluster feeding"?

    I'd never heard this term, but I'm pretty sure this is what Allie likes to do in the evening. Basically eating back to back to back. Snooze, then eat, snooze then eat. Non stop.

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