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minor vent: Facebook Profile Pic

My SIL has Allison's picture up as her profile picture on facebook.  Coincidentally, it's the same picture that I have as my profile picture on facebook. 

Am I wrong to think that it's a little off to use your niece's picture for that?  It's not like it's her kid.  Actually, since SIL lives in Arkansas, she's never even met the baby!

I wish I knew why this bothers me so much!

Re: minor vent: Facebook Profile Pic

  • Just Allison?  If it were her and Allison, I wouldn't be annoyed.  But just the baby *and* the same photo you use?  That would bug me too! 
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  • that would bother me too.
  • to be optimistic, at least you know she is a proud auntie!
  • my brother has used a pic of him and ben together.  but yeah, unless it was a pic he took or that was especially cute/funny i would be bothered by it too.  (and really bothered if it was my SIL or any of my BILs!)
  • that would be annoying to me...
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  • I wouldn't mind at all.... I would actually be very proud if one of my sisters or BILS did that! :)
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