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is it terrible that i'm kind of hoping for physical therapy?

I'm kind of hoping meredith is prescribe p/t because then i'd know a) they're helping her hip and b) she's getting exercise & extra stimulation.

It's so selfish, but i'm so afraid i'm not doing enough to stimulate her. I do try to do things with her like read, sing etc, but most of the time she acts like she'd rather cuddle. ?

Re: is it terrible that i'm kind of hoping for physical therapy?

  • As a speech therapist, I can tell you I'd rather work w/parents like you than the ones who are in denial any day.
  • it is not terrible at all. hailey was denied early intervention services bc she at no risk of developmental delays. i was happy to hear she was age appropriate but disappointed she was denied. knowing she was going to be worked with made me happy so i knew she would never fall behind. i am currently working on an appeal
  • Not at all.  As a regular therapist--I'd way rather work with someone who is ok with saying hey, we need some help here.  Not terrible at all.  Hoping it is just some loose ligaments--my cousin had it and she's a cheerleader now!  P/T is very effective, and way too hard to just do on your own.

    Much love, Jill

  • I posted this on the other message, but figured I'd repost it here too...

    Maddie's hip was noticeably loose when she was first born.  Our pedi referred us to an orthopedist who said that her right hip clicked and her left hip clunked.  He said the clunk was worse than the click, meaning that it was dislocating.  He diagnosed her with Developmental Dysplasia of the Hips.  He fitted her for a pavlik harness, and she has to wear it 24/7 for 6 weeks, and then 12 weeks to wean out of it.  There is a 90 - 95% success rate with the harness.  He said that it was good that we were taking care of it early - wait a few months (like when they are 6 - 12 months old) and it will require surgery to correct.  If you need anymore info, or just a friend if you wind up going down the same road, you can email me at katie421 at gmail dot com or you can page me on this board.  I am located in Long Island :-)



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